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What is Lightstock?

Lightstock is a new resource that makes it easy to find beautiful, faith-focused stock photos, vectors and footage starting as low as 5 bucks. 99% of our content can’t be found on other stock sites - our stuff is certified fresh. You sold me - I’m ready to create my free account.

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Lightstock Credit Bundles

Credits are the currency for downloading photos, vectors and footage. The bigger the bundle, the less you pay per credit.
Mix & match bundles in your cart to get the right amount.
(For example, 2 bundles of 10 and 1 bundle of 55 equals 75 credits)

Credits Never Expire

Easy Downloading & Free Re-Downloading

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Photo Sizes

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Longest Side Appx. 3600 px

20 Credits

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Longest Side Appx. 2800 px

15 Credits

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Longest Side Appx. 1200 px

10 Credits

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Longest Side Appx. 500 px

5 Credits

*The minimum size for our Max files starts at 3600px on its longest side. In some cases (when cropping occurs for a square orientation) a print file may be as short as 3000px on its longest side, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Our philosophy is simple: Give you the largest file we have.

Footage Sizes

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HD 1080

1920 X 1080

60 Credits

How it works video

HD 720

1280 X 720

45 Credits

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852 X 480

30 Credits

How it works video


426 X 240

15 Credits

Collections are the Coolest

Viewing Collections is the fastest and easiest way to see what Lightstock has to offer. A Collection is a group of images, vectors and videos that all carry a similar theme or showcase a particular Partner’s work. You get a quick glance at the really cool stuff and browse exclusive content only found on Lightstock. Take Me to Collections

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Add to Boards

Create a Board to help organize photos, vectors and videos you find on Lightstock. Boards are awesome for simple bookmarking or sharing with friends or colleagues. I'm ready to create my free account

Find The Content You Need

Enjoy a plethora of fresh, faith-focused photos, vectors and video. You know that it’s really hard to find content for activities like home groups or baptism. It’s even tougher to find compelling nativity or resurrection photography, illustrations and videography. Lightstock eases your pain and helps you get what you need.

We’ve got you covered on the other stuff too. Not to mention our growing contributor base of faithful believers ensures a safe-searching environment. And, it’s kinda cool knowing that each download helps support artists throughout the body of Christ.

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