A carved stone and sand relief of Jesus being taken off the cross and surrounded by his followers, disciples and his mother, Mary. When we read about the crucifixion and death of Jesus, it is a piece of history that has changed the world over and hard to imagine being there so we rely on artists, craftsman and sculptures to retell the story to bring scripture to life so that seeing is believing. The artist does their part to bring us back in time to be there in person through art. As long as hearts are changed by the gospel, then the creative work has accomplished its goal which is to bring scripture alive to us today who can witness the emotion, the drama and the reality of the gospel and feel a part of what it must have been like to witness that moment when Jesus was taken off the cross and buried by His disciples, family, friends and followers. We know the story has a happy ending and that is the beautiful thing. To be able to bring scripture to life to those who think the bible is an old and irrelevant book is a challenging task but one that is worth taking up and even be persecuted for. if we can lead one soul to Christ through the spreading of Gods world through art and imagery, then we have allowed God to work through us to bring others to Him. And that is the beauty of knowing Jesus.

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A carved stone and sand relief of jesus being taken off the cross a... more

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