It is amazing how we are so bound to the time clock. Whether we are stuck in traffic late for work, cramming for an exam or working on a long project all day that seems to never end. It often seems that time is not our friend that we are bound to it as slaves instead of mastering it. yet there is one who can cause time to stand still and in eternity, time is no longer something we are slaves to but time is immeasurable, like the grands of sand that make up a beach or the drops of water that form the ocean.

Time is something that may run out, work against us or make us slaves to a job, a deadline or a long year of sickness, hardship or problems but God is the God of all time and He can make every second of our lives count if we just commit our lives to Him. There are days when we feel time is misspent, youth is stolen from us and we waste our lives toiling at a job we do not like. Yet when we commit our days to God, He can make everything we do count and give us back what we give to Him.

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It is amazing how we are so bound to the time clock. whether we are... more

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