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4 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With God: 1) Make prayer a priority: Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. He desires to be in communication with you. God is not looking for fancy wording. Just be real with Him. This is also an opportunity to give God thanks for what He’s doing in your life. 2) Develop a habit of reading the Bible: The Word of God is living and active. It strengthens us to stand against the hardships the world can bring. It’s another way that God speaks to us, and we get to know Him better. 3) Cultivate Godly friendships: Surrounding yourself with people who will give you Godly advice and point you back to Him is important. These friendships will help you draw closer to God. 4) Be a part of a local church: Find a church that is right for you. It’s an opportunity to be in community with other Christians and use your gifts to impact others.

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