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Mark Hemmings

BIO Mark Hemmings is an internationally recognized travel and street photographer. Mark began his career in the late 1990′s when working on feature films as a stills and location photographer. His work broadened to include international travel photography jobs which had him photographing in Asia and Eastern Europe. In 2000 Mark moved to Japan for a year to learn advertising photography, and that year proved pivotal in shaping his lighting style and how he approaches photography within the context of advertising. In 2004 he started his side career as a photography workshop instructor, teaching people how to create better photographs in such diverse places as Mexico, England, Japan, Korea, Hungary, and Romania/Transylvania. As a photography tour/workshop instructor, Mark’s desire is to impart technical and aesthetic knowledge to his participants, as well as offering a fun and dynamic international cultural experience.  Mark is also a professional architecture, food, editorial and travel photographer.