Alex Lyons

I'm Alex James Lyons. I am a creative professional with over fifteen years of experience in media production, video production, event production, and project management roles. Throughout my career, I have launched a video production startup, developed an event production startup, led cross-cultural international media production teams in Asia, directed international Telly Award winning documentaries based on non-profits in Asia and Africa and have produced and directed media teams to execute events at venues with over 12,000 in attendance. In addition to being a producer with corporate, non-profit, and international experience, I have produced video content, designed artwork, animated motion graphic content, and developed websites and social media marketing campaigns. I spent thirteen years of my childhood in Illinois state care in more than ten different placements. Because of this, I advocate for children in care and alumni aging out of state care, serving most recently as the Communication Chair of the Foster Care Alumni of America's Illinois Chapter. I consider it a blessing to share his experiences with organizations and use his creative skills to tell stories of my brothers and sisters in care. My wife, Betsy Lyons, has been a middle school teacher in a public school for ten years. Additionally, she was a teacher at an international school in the Philippines for one year. We have been married since March 2011, parents to our daughter since July 2015, and are expecting a new addition to Team Lyons in September 2017.