Matthew Dean

My name is Matthew Dean. You can call me Matt, or not I don’t care. I’m a graphic designer by trade, Southerner by birth, and overall jack of all trades by boredom. I enjoy the cool breeze of an autumn afternoon, but also the harsh cold of a winter flurry. When it comes to food, I’m not picky; I’ll eat anything! Photography is a new hobby of mine. I enjoy both digital and film. I think they both have their pros and cons. I also have a deep passion for music. I play guitar and have for some time. Recently I’ve picked up the banjo, but I’m not a hipster. I really just have a strong love for any creative media that can be used to reach people. I believe that everything I do is not for myself. I submit to a higher authority, and without Him, i am nothing. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.