Nate Stevens

I am a Southern California Native who grew up in the heart of the Inland Empire. Growing up in the 90's, I grew up in a culture of skateboarding, punk & hardcore music and always finding out new ways to express myself. I was always experimenting with new types of art and spent most of my youth in and out of hardcore bands. My love for So Cal culture and my quest for art eventually led him to photography -- a medium that can be used to tell anyone's story and represent an entire culture within a series of a few images is what drew me to photography. Now, I travel all over shooting lifestyle photos; getting to know different ways of living and culture is a huge part of making great images and is what I love to do. Photography has also provided a way for me to take the Gospel places that I would have otherwise never been able to go. Largely speaking, it seems that the people working in the industry have never had the Gospel presented to them, and I have a unique opportunity to do so.